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Ocean Outlook

Observation technologies for sustainable use of ocean and coastal ecosystems

8-10 May 2019 • Bergen, Norway

Ocean Outlook 2019 (OO19) will be held in Bergen, Norway from 8-10 May 2019. The meeting aims to attract scientists, industry, policymakers, funders and program managers between partners involved In conjunction with the OO-meetings, we encourage the facilitation of workshops, joint proposals, scientific papers and other collaborations.

Ocean Outlook meetings always include presentations by international marine science and environmental change experts, as well as round-table discussions of important issues regarding the status of the oceans, current and foreseeable challenges, and possible solutions.


Challenges ahead

The world’s oceans are undergoing changes that have never been observed before. Both technological advances and new scientific understanding of these changes provide insight into how ocean systems work. Marine science is in a new era of discovery, as highlighted by topics such as previously unknown microplastics and DNA-sequencing methods for ocean health. Development in ocean and coastal monitoring and modelling systems are important for determining and examining changes. The Ocean Outlook 2019 meeting aims bring to the fore new approaches to these frontiers.


About Ocean Outlook

This is the 5th in the Ocean Outlook meeting series, that are organised annually by the Bergen Marine Research Cluster and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) with contributions from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The meetings alternate between Bergen and Woods Hole to promote and sustain scientific and educational cooperation between the marine research institutions at these locations. The first Ocean Outlook meeting (OO15) was held in Bergen in 2015 and brought together over 100 attendees. OO16 dealt with “Icy Oceans”, and OO17 ‘Seeing under water’. Last year, OO18 was about “Rediscovering the Ocean”