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Appendix 6: Map showing the distribution of hydrothermal vents (active, inferred and inactive) and cold seeps in the study area, based on InterRidge Vents database Ver. 3.464. Hydrothermal vents: (1) Seven Sisters vent field; (2) Jan Mayen vent field (Soria Moria, Troll Wall and Perle and Bruse vents); (3) Ægir’s vent field; (4) Copper Hill; (5) Fåvne Vent Field; (6) Mohn’s Treasure; (7) Loki's Castle vent field. Cold seeps: (8) Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano (9) Nyegga/Storegga (10) Lofoten-Vesterålen (11) Prins Karls Forland (12) Vestnesa Ridge
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