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Figure 25 . Alien species recorded by different field collection methods by conventional and genetic (eDNA) methods, coloured by alien assessment risk category. Doorknocker species are indicated in blue shades and have their risk assessment prefaced by a “D”, while alien species are indicated in yellow to red shades and have their risk assessment category prefaced by an “A”. Species that were not detected by a field method are indicated by a grey X. Blank field indicate that the organismal group or sample type was not investigated using the given identification method. Species are sorted vertically by phylum where AN=Annelida, AR=arthropods, BR= Bryozoa, CL=Chlorophyta, CH=Chordata, CN=Cnidaria, CT=Ctenophora, MO=Mollusca, OC=Ochrophyta and RH=Rhodophyta.
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