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Figure 5.1.1. Map showing stations where phytoplankton samples were collected. Shapes indicate sampling activities at a given station: circle- metabarcoding sample collection, square- microscopy sample collection and analysis, star: algae-net sample collection. Color indicates the cruise when sampling occurred, blue: ecosystem, black: April transect cruise, dark gray: May transect cruise, and light gray: August transect cruise. Italicized labels indicate fixed transects. Outlined and labeled areas indicate ICES sub-regions. Sval-N: Svalbard North, Franz-Vic: Franz Victoria Trough, Sval-S: Svalbard South, HD: Hopen Deep, BI: Bear Island Trench, Th-Iv: Thor Iversen Bank, SW: South West. Station locations along Fugløya-Bjørnøya are shifted to reduce overlap of samples collected during separate cruises.
Ch 5.1.1.png