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Introductory Course on Microplastics

Short course on micro-plastics for Graduate students, PhDs and Post docs

May 8th 0900-1700

Venue: Institute of Marine Research, Nordnesgaten 50, Bergen

Organizers: Bjørn Einar Grøsvik and Tanja Kögel (Institute of Marine Research, Marte Haave (NORCE, Norwegian Research Centre AS), Scott Gallager and Mark Hahn (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Published 28.03.2019 - Updated 28.03.2019


Plastic waste is a major global issue. Many organisms ingest microplastics. But where and to which extent does it accumulate and harm ecosystems? This short course will provide a theoretical and practical introduction to the scientific questions concerning the global increase in environmental plastic pollution, and investigate the role of particle size in microplastic uptake by organisms. The lectures will introduce the global challenges related to plastic pollution, how they progressed in recent years and as we understand them today, and discuss future research needs and knowledge gaps. Topics covered: Plastic polymer chemistry, environmental sampling and analytical methods, effects of microplastics on marine organisms, needs for risk assessment for environmental and human health. There will be time to communicate with researchers working in each field. The course will also encompass a practical session, with a demonstration of analytical methods in the laboratory as well as critical reading and discussion of published literature.

Introductory Course on Microplastics programmme